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Portal Cloud Blog   8:00 AM · May 22
Queue posting has also been updated to include a schedule time and post frequency (e.g. every day at 9 AM), support for time zones has been added, and the admin settings improved. #Nanoblog #OpenSaaS
Portal Cloud Blog   8:00 AM · May 20
Nanoblog has been updated, changes include the ability to reply to an existing post or thread, sign in with SSO (using SAML), images are now displayed inline, and hashtags are linkified. #Nanoblog #OpenSaaS
Portal Cloud Blog   4:54 PM · May 19
Thanks to all the early Portal Cloud customers. We love all the great feedback and we hope you can see that we’re putting it into action. Thank you!
Portal Cloud Blog   7:42 PM · May 15
Larger app instances have been enabled for all users and locations so it’s easy to scale up as needed. Check the latest specs and pricing portal.cloud/pricing #PortalCloud
Portal Cloud Blog   7:42 PM · May 14
Subspace WireGuard VPN servers now include support for multiple users using SSO, with up to 10 devices per user. Now it’s even easier to manage a VPN server for your whole team! #Subspace
Portal Cloud Blog   2:37 AM · May 14
Great news for us WireGuard users, the WireGuard Development Team has released the first (pre-alpha) version of the official WireGuard client for Windows! wireguard.com/install/ #WireGuard #VPN
Portal Cloud Blog   2:36 AM · May 13
Subspace WireGuard VPN servers now support SAML for SSO identity providers like Google, Okta, and Azure AD. portal.cloud/app/subspace #OpenSaaS #Subspace
Portal Cloud Blog   10:44 PM · Apr 20
Subspace is an OpenSaaS WireGuard VPN server that supports connecting all of your devices to help secure your internet access. #Privacy #WireGuard #VPN #OpenSaaS #RemoteWork
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Portal Cloud Blog   10:08 PM · Apr 20
Frequency Analytics is an OpenSaaS web analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic to help you measure visits, referrals, and trends for your website. #OpenSaaS #Privacy #GoogleAnalyticsAlternative
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Portal Cloud Blog   8:17 PM · Apr 20
Cloud Patron is an #OpenSaaS membership platform that enables fans to support creators with monthly subscriptions. #Creators can customize support levels, set goals, and post updates for their patrons. Supports monthly credit card billing using @Stripe. #PatreonAlternative
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Portal Cloud Blog   7:37 PM · Apr 14
Check out Nanoblog on GitHub! github.com/nanoblog/nanoblog
Portal Cloud Blog   3:22 AM · Apr 14
We're happy to announce the launch of our fourth #OpenSaaS app, Nanoblog - a simple and professional blog with a 280 character limit that supports crossposting to your Twitter account.
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Portal Cloud Blog   9:22 PM · Apr 12
Portal Cloud was selected as a 2018 Y Combinator Startup School Grant winner.
Portal Cloud Blog   9:21 PM · Apr 12
Here are six great features of using OpenSaaS applications on Portal Cloud:
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Portal Cloud Blog   12:19 PM · Apr 12
Open Source + SaaS = OpenSaaS
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